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Couples massage  
60 min $230, or 90 min $300

Couples massage at belisama bodyworks in saratoga springs

Here at Belisama Bodyworks we specialize in massage for two people where friends, family and loved ones are welcome to enjoy a massage together in the same room.  Couples massage was so popular that we designed and built a special room to make the already popular massage even more enjoyable.


Complete with a built in fireplace for both warmth and ambiance, combined with the relaxing atmosphere our clients have come to expect of all Belisama massages, a couples massage at Belisama bodyworks in Saratoga Springs is second to none.


With our large staff of skilled certified massage therapists you and your partner will love your time with us. A couples massage is not just an additional service we offer but one of the most popular and most requested massages we have.


Two therapists practice side-by-side creating a peaceful professional atmosphere in an elegant, yet comfortable, environment.  Each therapist can customize the massage to meet your unique health goals. You can choose from any of the massages listed here and can further customize your massages by talking with the therapist about your specific needs.


All of our massage therapist are skilled at listening to our clients and crafting the best massage for their specific needs. We understand that no two bodies are the same and because of that we pride ourselves on being able to craft the perfect massage for everyone who comes to visit us.


Call us today to book your couples massage and get ready to enjoy a memorable, relaxing, and rejuvenating massage in our custom built room in the heart of Saratoga Springs.

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