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Hot Stone Therapy   
60 min / $115

hot stone massae therapy belisama bodyworks spa in saratoga springs

A hot stone massage starts by our certified massage therapists heating smooth basalt river stones with our professional stone heater. We bring the temperature of the stones up to between 110 and 130 degrees fahrenheit. Hot enough to warm and relax your muscles but not too hot to cause skin irritation.


These stones are then placed on your body work to warm and relax the muscles and to energetically balance the mind and body. This heat allows the therapist to apply deeper pressure to penetrate the muscles and easily perform deep tissue manipulations without any discomfort. This process melts away tension, creating a calming atmosphere.


Insomnia and depression can be helped with a hot stone massage. The penetrating heat of the hot stones helps to relieve pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, MS, and back pain. The heat helps to melt away your stress along with your pain.


Don’t hesitate to book your hot stone massage at Belisama Bodyworks in the heart of downtown Saratoga Springs. Our Basalt river stones and certified massage therapists are awaiting your arrival.

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