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pregnancy massage 
30, 60, 90 min /  $75, $115, $150

Pregnancy massage belisama bodyworks spa in saratoga springs

Pregnancy, or Prenatal, massage is a wonderful way for a woman to soothe her body and her baby.


Here at Belisama Bodyworks we have special tables designed for pregnancy massages that allow woman to lie face down. Woman work very hard when they’re pregnant and they deserve to take care of themselves with a relaxing and beneficial massage. 

Swelling, or edema, during pregnancy is often caused by reduced circulation and heavy pressure on the major blood vessels by the uterus. Massage helps to relieve the collection of fluids on the joints by stimulating the soft tissue. 


Sciatic nerve pain is a common side effect of late pregnancy and our certified massage therapists address the inflamed nerves during the massage helping to relieve the tension on the nearby muscles. 


As with all of our massage techniques, before beginning the massage, your therapist will meet with you and find out where your problem areas are, what parts of your body are bothering you the most. Your therapist will then tailor a unique massage to meet your needs. 


If you're pregnant and are thinking about getting a massage then think no more. Schedule your massage today because you deserve it!

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