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European/Swedish massage   

30, 60, 90 min /  $50, $80, $110

swedish massage belisama bodyworks spa in saratoga springs

Swedish Massage is the most common type of relaxation and stress reduction massage in the United States (in Sweden it is called “classic massage”). It helps to reduce stress, circulate blood and lymph flow, and remove toxins from muscle tissue. All of our masseuses are certified massage therapists and have been extensively trained in Swedish Massage (along with many other styles of massages listed here).


If this is your first time getting a professional massage, a Swedish Massage is a great place to start. During your session, your therapist will lubricate your skin with lotion or massage oil and work the soft tissue to gradually break up muscle knots.


Our therapists are experts at finding the places in your body where you store your stress and helping your muscles to release that stress and get blood flowing evenly throughout your body. A Swedish Massage is a “soothing” massage and not a “pressure” massage (see deep tissue massage and sports massage for pressure style massages).


As with all of our massages, before it begins our therapist will ask you about any trouble areas or places of concern. Our therapist will then craft the massage for your specific needs ensuring you have an amazing experience with us. If you’ve been stressed out recently, have been achy and sore, or just want a relaxing experience then a Swedish Massage at Belisama Bodyworks is what you need.


Whether you are visiting Saratoga Springs or are a native, we’re confident that after one session with our masseuses you’ll be ready to book your next massage.

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